Athens & Chania, Greece

After spending Christmas camping three years in a row new circumstances led me to spend the holiday season in Greece. 

Not first time in Greece but a first in Athens, so despite cold, wet and windy weather I had to make a tour of Acropolis on 23rd of Dec. Which turned out great as the number of other tourists were limited, so one could enjoy the peace and beauty of the place.

Chania, Crete

A short 50 minute flight took me to Crete – I had hope this meant better weather since it is further south, but I came and went with rain. 

I visited Crete in 1999 – I don’t think much has changed. But this time I got to see other things as I was not going to hit the beach this time round. Instead I spend Christmas with friends in Chania. We went for drives to small villages in the mountains and to the ancients site of A