Zagreb, Croatia

Lovely and beautiful Zagreb; the perfect place to indulge in the most delicious baked goods, endless cups of coffee, well-crafted beers and all the hearty Croatians dishes. What better place to celebrate 20 years of friendship?

Besides roaming the Dolac market, wandering Upper Town’s cobbled narrow streets and the occasional shopping spree we enjoyed a couple of amazing museums. The Museum of Broken Relationships is despite the depressing name a wonderful and heartfelt experience.



Easy to get around, perfect size to wander the streets and parks and discover the many bronze statues, old magnificent mansions and enjoy the autumn sun.

Coming from Dubai I was blown away by the many churches within very close proximity to each other.

And of course real old stuff – not fake make to look old, but just old and worn and so Zagreb.


That’s what is all about. Enjoying the good things in life like coffee, cake, beer…