The beauty of the mosque

Currently I’m living in Dubai and daily I hear the call for prayer from the nearby mosque. I don’t understand the words but it doesn’t matter, it still sounds like singing. I love how you can sometimes hear the singing from other mosques in the area as well. I remember waking up to the sound of three or four mosques calling for prayer at a beach in Oman – it felt so peaceful, my vacation had just started, the sun was rising and everything was good.

When taking a stroll in the evening we often hear the call for Isha (evening prayer). This has also become so unique to me and fills me with joy. Combined with the warm weather, the dusk, the crickets, the sound has settled in me and created this beautiful feeling and everlasting memory. ¬†Coming from a christian society I’m sad that I don’t have the same sensation when hearing church bells. Maybe it’s because they ring for both joy and grief or because bells simply can’t compete with a song.

I find the mosque to be a very fascinating building, quite often beautiful and just a bit mystical. Like on most important buildings the decorations and details are outstanding and the artist in me is drawn to the ornamentations. Without any doubt this fascination with the mosque will turn into something at some point.¬†Tomorrow I’m going to visit a mosque and see what beauty I can find inside.